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Wire SawingWire sawing is the safest, quickest and most efficient method of modifying or dismantling mass reinforced concrete structures. In the wire sawing technique, a multi-strand cable with diamond segments is threaded through a series of pulleys and is continuously pulled through the concrete structure or cross-section that is to be cut.

Wire saws are used where other cutting methods are impractical. They allow for greater flexibility in cutting large structures and can handle various sizes and shapes of cutting areas.

Wire saw cutting works without vibration and enables the removal of the detached piece immediately, leaving the parent structure undisturbed.

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Wire sawing is ideal for removing large sections of heavily reinforced concrete, such as piers, towers and bridge sections, and cutting concrete in areas where work space is restricted. If you have cutting needs deeper than 21inches, or if you require the cutting of awkward pieces of concrete, then wire sawing is the technique to use.

Categories of wire saw cutting:

Wet wire saw cutting: used for reinforced concrete, rocks and underwater piles.

Dry wire saw cutting: used for reinforced concrete.

Metal cutting: used for steel or aluminium.

Solid steel vessels and even submarines can be efficiently sectioned and then lifted out of water using wire sawing. Typical applications include concrete tank removal, machine base modification and removal, hydro dam and underground subway modifications, concrete pipe and steel pipe cutting, and foundation modifications. Areas of use are industrial shut-downs, steel mills pulp and paper mills, hospitals, hydro electric plants, major demolition projects, etc.






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