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Safety is a prime concern in all of our operations. It is our policy and aim to provide a safe working environment, as per established standards, and to follow good construction practices. Accident prevention is considered of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. We have an outstanding record of job safety and attention to details that keeps our job sites injury free.

We ascertain that the implementation and maintenance of our safety policy is carried out before and through the project. We also regularly evaluate our safety rules and regulations, reviewing incidents, and identifying and incorporating corrective measures.

Safety to the worker, as well as to others engaged in the operations, is not only our responsibility, but also our commitment. All personnel are instructed to use safety measures while working on job sites and ensure it remains an accident-free zone for the duration of the project.

Proper safety devices and precautions are used to ensure no injuries take place. To this end all employees are required to draw attention to any hazardous and unsafe activities that take place at the project site.

It is our endeavour to strive for zero injuries and to be an industry leader in safety performance. With the combined efforts of our employees and our clients, we feel this is not a difficult task to achieve.