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BurstingHydraulic bursting is a newly developed demolition method that causes no vibration, no noise pollution and no dust emission. This method makes use of the hydraulic forces exerted to the moving jaws of the bursting machine to efficiently burst the concrete or rock material into smaller pieces. It is one of the safest methods of removing reinforced or mass concrete, brickwork, or natural stone.

Hydraulic busters can break large blocks of concrete with reinforcing of up to 7-8" rebar. It is used where the pieces being removed cannot be cut by regular methods. The burster is placed in pre-drilled holes and expanded to induce controlled cracking of the material, and reducing it to manageable sections for removal.

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Hydraulic busters can be used to remove heavily reinforced concrete up to 5m thick in structures such as dams, bridges, and nuclear power stations; where a precise, controlled system of removal is required. It can also be safely used in confined spaces and sensitive areas.

There are two different busting equipments:

Handheld bursting tip: suitable for cutting reinforced concrete and rocks, including rock tunnel excavation

Handheld bursting head: suitable for cutting reinforced concrete.

The boulder burster is another tool that is used to split concrete and rock by shocking water in a core drilled hole.