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In 2001 we embarked upon our professional journey primarily as civil engineers and architects, under the name Anuwrita. Since then we have executed a range of civil work that includes construction, repairs, water proofing and painting.

Interior designing had been our forte and we have imparted a unique look to the interiors of hundreds of prestigious and sprawling apartments across Mumbai. We have also won many accolades for our excellent craftsmanship and perfect execution.

Not the kind to rest on our laurels, we furthered our enterprise to try and assess our strengths and capabilities in a highly specialized territory of concrete cutting. Thus, was launched Cuts & Cores, a division of Anuwrita Services, exclusively engaged in carrying out high-precision and skilled operations like cutting, drilling, sawing, grouting and crushing. A zest for challenges provided the impetus that has eventually led us to being experts in this field today.