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Non-Destructive or Selective Demolition is a process of removing selective parts of a building, or portions or components of a structure without affecting the existing or adjoining structure in any manner.

Selective demolition can be carried out on a range of projects that include extensive renovation of buildings, seismic retrofits of multi-story buildings, adding to or altering existing structures or even condo conversions. There are also projects that have environmental ramifications, viz. operating within facilities like factories, schools, offices or hospitals. Here, structural considerations have to be made since any selective demolition could have a potential impact on the day to day functioning of these areas. The demolition has to be carried out precisely, without dust, noise or vibrations, allowing the facilities to remain safe and fully functional even when the work is under execution.

The selective demolition process begins with an outline of the whole project, how and when it is to be carried out and then laying out plans for every part of the demolition work. The possible problems that can arise are anticipated in advance, and a suitable solution is provided.

Selective demolition can be applied in various tasks like removal of conveyers, stairs, boilers, stacks etc; as also simple interior demolition works. Drilling, coring and anchor installation jobs can also be undertaken.

The activity is carried out using state-of-the-art cutting technology that also works in conditions where human presence is not possible (viz. under water, chimneys, refectories, nuclear contaminated areas, etc.)